The alluring stori(y) of Men’s fashion in 2020


The male Homosapien has mostly been stereotyped to wear mundane and decent looking clothes, abiding by the sacrosanct rules of dressing to impress the crowd. But you know what? We believe that you can still do that by experimenting a bit and surely, looking better than the rest. As 2020 marks the dawn of a new era with a lot of sweet promises to uphold, this year should usher in the well-deserving change in our wardrobes too. New colors, prints, accessories, and fabrics are soon going to make their way to online stores and window-displays. Also, some classic styles from the past are going to make a comeback with all the zeitgeist of yesteryear imbibed in them. Now, it’s your call as to which ones to pick and which ones to pass over. And if that puts you in a state of unexpected confusion, just lay back and read on as we guide you through the essential pillars of men’s fashion in the coming months.

Cross-Body Bags

Menfolk are usually not seen carrying bags, other than at 9 am while heading to the office. But there’s a new crew of bags that’s gaining much attention from the dudes lately – the cross-body bag or more commonly known as the fanny pack. While the ladies have long taken the credit for adorning dazzling and expensive handbags to parties and offices alike, the ones on offer for men seamlessly merge with a cool street look from collections at Redflame. While there are variants to make you look dapper with your preppy formal shirts from Stori too. These bags are a stylish and smart way to carry your belongings without appearing to be struggling with a cumbersome 16l backpack.

Printed Cuban Shirts

Remember Hrithik swaying along to the tunes of the Ghungroo song? Wish to commit the crime of looking effortlessly uber-cool as him? Then printed Cuban shirts are a must-have in your wardrobe. These shirts have the perfect combination of easygoingness and subtlety to add a breeze of freshness to any gig that you attend, whether the sun is up or down. Pair it with a contrasting trouser from the range at Stori or a light-coloured short to rock the holiday look like Mr Roshan. Also, remember to keep the sleeves short as that adds more substance to the style.

Relaxed Unicolor Suiting

n the past decade, suits used to be chosen mostly in their staple colours of black, grey, blue and at seldom times, maroon. But 2020 is bold enough to try new colours like yellow, off-white, pastel pink, blue and peach. Gone are the days when being suited up involved dark coloured fabrics and leather oxfords. You can show up in a peach unicoloured suit with a classic white T-shirt from Redflame, paired with white sneakers. Take some styling cues from Zayn Malik or Maharshala Ali, who manage to carry pastel suits with an equally pacifying attitude.

Solid Denims or Denim-on-Denim

Denims are evergreen, or everblue…whatever. This fabric has been evolving since the day of its inception and still continues to be a favourite among guys. Although we have seen the ‘ripped’ phase for quite a while, it’s totally fine if you are among those few who aren’t a fan of it. Solid Denims have the ability to make you look cool and mature without adding any sternness to it. And the good thing is that you can always pick up a jacket and a couple of jeans from our Daggerfly range. Just make sure that your jeans are a tone or two darker than what you have worn above, as contrast adds more style to it. Your feet can be graced by light-coloured sneakers or rugged boots.

Nautical Style

Shipsters. That’s what they call young lads who look like they’ll be off sailing past the coast of Corsica to find some tuna and tan. This look has a nice aquatic feel and holiday vibe to it. White or navy coloured with mostly horizontal stripes and can be coupled with solid denims from Daggerfly or chinos from the Stori range. Keep the colour palette limited to white and darker shades of blue. Can add some D-frame shades or an aviator to add the cherry on the topping.