Ways to Style Your T-shirt


T-shirts are those underrated yet essential additions to every guy’s wardrobe that surely needs some attention. You see, this outfit can either be a game-changer or become a nemesis for your fashion game. Wear them right and you are sure to turn some heads. Wear them wrong, and you get instantly mistaken for a homesick-cola sipping-nerd. A distant cousin of these, are printed shirts (not the overly bright ones that you used to wear as a kid), which is a tricky territory to tread on. But even that can be mastered if you proceed with precaution and a pinch of confidence.

Let’s show you guys a couple of ways to wear these simple pieces of fabrics in uber-cool ways.

Start with the basics

Make sure to wear T-shirts that fit you well. Do not wear T-shirts that droop at the shoulders and leave the sleeves flapping with the wind. Even if your T-shirt is loose, why not fold the sleeves up! That’ll make your tees appear to be of a better fit and would highlight your triceps, giving you a more masculine look. To make things better, pair these with some men’s jewellery and a great looking watch with stainless steel straps or even just a pair of D-frame sunglasses.

The watch says it’s Suit O’clock right now.

This step involves some trial and error, but, if you manage to pull it off then this suave ‘n’ relaxed style is sure to steal the show. There are some steps to remember though.

  • Firstly, make sure the suit is of a good fit and the shoulders are correctly stitched.
  • Secondly, it’s better to tuck in your T-shirt .
  • Thirdly, Pick up solid colours or minimal patterns that go with the suit’s colour palette.

It is best to avoid T-shirts with bright colours or large logos, if you really wish to rock this look without compromising on the style quotient.

Give in to the Denim fervour

Denims and light-coloured jeans never fade in fashion! Get hold of a nice fitting denim jacket, preferably in the hues of light blue. Couple it with a pair of ripped jeans from our Daggerfly range, you could choose contrasting colours like dark-grey or black and pick up a white or light-coloured striped T-shirt. To add more spice, pair it with white sneakers and D-frame sunglasses. And voilà! You are slaying a satisfying look that’s as easy to wear as it’s easy on the eyes.

Try something new, with a touch of simplicity.

Apart from the usual crew-neck and v-neck variants, try the new henley colours. Whether they are full-sleeved or not, these speak for itself by lifting your style ante without appearing too loud, flashy or unconventional. Pair these with a set of contrasting coloured jeans, ripped or plain it may be and wear some boots with earthy tones. A leather-strapped watch would seamlessly get along with these to complete the look, oozing with confidence and masculine-charm.

Time to say Aloha, my friends!

Hawaiian and floral print shirts have evolved in the 2010s to feature mature colors like black, maroon, forest green and yellow ochre with contrasting floral prints and fantastical palm tree fronds. They make you stand out in the crowd of full-sleeved shirts and provide your style with an air of fun-loving attitude having the right amount of sophistication. Pair these with dark-coloured, skinny fit jeans and white sneakers. Another way to style these is with light-coloured trousers and brown leather brogues. Be it a trip to the beach or a karaoke night down the street, you can be at ease with these.

Getting straight with the stripes.

Half-shirts may remind you of serious office-going professionals but there’s certainly more to it. Choose a light-coloured, Cuban collar shirt with vertical stripes and pair them with dark ankle-cropped trousers. In the foot department, go for a sockless look with brogues to compliment the relaxed vibe of the shirt. The coolness exuding from this style has a touch of retro flamboyance which you can carry to the club as well as the family brunch on a weekend.

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