The Launch of Urban Boy

A New Room in the House of Stori! Creativity often comes out of the most challenging scenarios and now is the time when we, as a brand, are trying to keep happiness in fashion. As we look back into the year 2020 so far, there have been so many changes already. The world is adapting […]


Business as Unusual: The House of Stori Trending Again!

After a brief stint of working from home amidst the COVID 19 lockdown, we have resumed styling you again, this time with a fresh avatar and lots of good news! The onset of the global coronavirus pandemic challenged every one of us to rethink the tiniest details of our day. It pushed us to reinvent, […]


Ways to Style Your T-shirt

T-shirts are those underrated yet essential additions to every guy’s wardrobe that surely needs some attention. You see, this outfit can either be a game-changer or become a nemesis for your fashion game. Wear them right and you are sure to turn some heads. Wear them wrong, and you get instantly mistaken for a homesick-cola […]


The alluring stori(y) of Men’s fashion in 2020

The male Homosapien has mostly been stereotyped to wear mundane and decent looking clothes, abiding by the sacrosanct rules of dressing to impress the crowd. But you know what? We believe that you can still do that by experimenting a bit and surely, looking better than the rest. As 2020 marks the dawn of a […]